Natron VFX Compositor: Fake News - Season 2 - Episode 1


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Natron Users,

As some may know that I use Natron Digital VFX Compositor for most of my job’s including green screen vfx compositing and other things. I manage a media library at the University at Buffalo, NY. We have these studios called OBS( One Button Studios) that we had adopted from Penn State. They get heavily used. We have 2 thous far and planning on adding more.

The attached image is a screen shot of a series 2 project that I am a producer and post production editor called Fake News. This screen shot is for the first part of the topic called “Before You Die.” I can’t display everything because we are still working on it and also producing the reveal.

I just wanted to show that Natron has great potential and powerful as a digital vfx compositor.

(Omar Brown) #2

This Librarian was filmed against the Chromatte Cloth from via Penn State specs. I would highly recommend recording in ProRess or DNxHD file format because we all know that .MP4 is the absolute worst format to do any basic project like this. I had no choice because I setup uses a apple based software that Penn State coded to convert HDMI 422 to MP4 420 via a blackmagic hdmi2mp4 convertor. It gets the job done but just takes longer.

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For people new to Natron, there’s a pretty good into for it here:

( #4

Interesting for realtime Natron + OBS