Natron WEB: "Mantainer Needed!"

Since there is an announce of “Maintainer Needed!” in the WEB page, and since there is NO contact information available on the page, there should be a place for all the interested people that would want to collaborate in such effort.

For instance, I would like to contribute in the WEB page maintenance, and I’ve already found some dead links there, like the Google+ link, that according to Google itself is DEAD!.

All thos interested in contributing may also post inside this thread in hope that someone pays attention.

Hi and welcome!

You can contribute to the website by making a pull request on

Hi there!

@Songtech-0912 and I have been working on and off for about a year on a website overhaul, the design & prototyping are all done, just finishing up some things on my last year of full-time school before I get started on the code.

TL;DR, it’s happening! That message will go away sooner rather than later! :slight_smile:

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