Natthall in February

Winter is loosening her clutches a bit early this year. This is Natthall, an elevated spot above the Rönne å river in the south of Sweden. The whole area was once a shallow sea, back when the dinosaurs roamed 190 million years ago, but the waters have since subsided and multiple eroded volcanoes pierce the view. The rocks I stand on are a volcanic diabase, probably thrown here from the nearby Gällabjer volcano.

Sony ILCE-7M2, Nikon 24mm f/2.8 AI-s and a bicycle.


I really like that tree in the crook of the last river bend and the way your eye serpentines towards it, guided by the river. The light is wonderful!

The grassy areas visible here are muddy but walkable at this time of year, but soon they’ll be covered by head-high grass and reeds and home to a billion midges and mosquitos, each of which seems to have a vengeance for open-source photographers. Kayaking down the river is great fun and very peaceful, though as you’re surrounded by reeds on both sides for most of the way you’d need a drone to get nice shots.