Need for a FOSS static website builder

Hi Everyone.
I am looking for a FOSS static website builder using html and php.
I just want to put some pictures up and make a few simple statements. Very simple and clean.
I can access my server via ftp but I have no access to the command line or something like that.
Please recommend the most simple solution that looks decent.


I propose the Publii project
Greetings from Brussels,


Great. Works perfectly once I had figured out how to use set up the ftp such that the data is stored in the right location.
Many thanks.

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we are using hugo for pretty much everything now.

librearts, digikam, siril. all hugo. the stuff that isnt hugo yet we will port

and when ever someone ask @patdavid and @paperdigits what to use … the answer is also hugo.


Use hugo


I’m only tangentially familiar with Jekyll from using GitHub Pages.

How’s Hugo compare?

it is like jekyll but fast


It looked to me as if I needed command line access (to install the needful stuff) which I do not have.

build locally. upload to any server you want.

not to mention with gitlab/github/cloudflare pages you get building and hosting in one.

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Hmm. Sounds good …

Yep. That’s the set up I use.

eleventy is popular, no php but you can use all kinds of templates

I concur. Have been using it for a few years, just a joy to use!

if you want to see my first idea (using publii, I wasnt able to quickly and fully understand hugos structure):

I need help with the author description. <p?> xxx <p?> keeps showing.

I like Zola, but static site generators are really common thanks to jamstack, so I’m sure you can find something that fits your preferences.