Need help deciding tagging approach for 14k photos

I’ve taken the leap and shifted from Lightroom to darktable :smile: I used nested collections in lightroom to keep everything organised, now I have to use tags for the same. I think hierarchical tags in darktable will be much more powerful.

Is there any tutorial or video out there about hierarchical tagging? I haven’t yet figured out what categories I should use, how many sub-levels would be too many…Also, half my images have people tagged through the face recognition in LR. How can I re-use these tags in my new hierarchical structure in darktable?

To start with the top level categories, I am thinking of following a childhood game called “Name, Place, Animal, Thing”. These 4 should cover all the photos imo. Maybe I’ll add a category for “Activity”. :thinking:

Can anyone share their tagging workflow, and any other tips please?

Its hard to tell you what tagging will work for you, but you might consider some xslt to manipulate your xmp data around

Namaste, @zhopudey,

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Thanks for the replies! I’ll watch that video, and read up about xslt.

Btw, I figured out how to move all name tags that came from Lightroom under a “People” category.

You might want to include that how-to information to this post.

I’m sure that there are people thinking of migrating from LR to DT and it is often the “little” things that keeps them from actually making that step. Having this piece of information available could make all the difference. Then again: It might just be cool to know how to do it :slight_smile:

Anyway, it’s just a thought.

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Ohh, I thought if I could figure out out, anyone could :joy:. Anyway, 1st create a category called “People”, then right click on the name tag > click “rename path” > add “People|” before the name. No spaces.

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