Need help, gmic on Linux

Ubuntu 18.04, gimp 2.10

Can’t get it to work no way no how.

Searching my repository for Gmic causes Krita to come up, no gmic in Krita either.

Tried installing for that app too, no dice.

Does it really need to be so overwhelmingly impossible to install ?

Works in Windows but I really don’t want to be in Windows, I prefer Linux but, until the open source community provides one easy clear method to install software it’s never going to be a true alternative.

Another thing I observe is there is a significant lack of documentation. Other than the download page listing a hundred choices, within those downloads there is no direction whatsoever.


What is “your repository?”

It isn’t:

You’re part of the community, so if you see a glaring hole, please step up and fill it.

@Yegnal Welcome to the forum! It can be challenging to set up for some systems. The plugin is separate from GIMP and Krita. You would need to install it in the right location(s) so that each app may detect it.

The recommended approach would be to go to, which does indeed retrieve certain files from FossHub as @paperdigits suggested.



I’m sure you can assist on this.

Also, you could try asking on here -> .

I wish I can help, but I use krita in Windows.