Need help make image look brownish

I am trying to make the rendered image I create in blender to be more brownish with some post processing.

The rendered image is this one

I want to make it brownish similar to this one.

I have tried using gimp or darktable to make it look brownish. but it ended up looking dark or reddish. Thanks.

Hi @kevin_tee!

G’MIC filter Transfer Colors (Patch-Based) is very well suited for this.
You can use the grand canyon photo as a template.

  1. Load the rendered image and Grand Canyon photo into Gimp as a new layer (first the rendered image and then Grand Canyon photo via File - as a new layer). Then move the Grand Canyon layer down as shown in this image:

  1. Start G’MIC and search there for Transfer Colors [Patch-Based] Filter (either enter it in the search box above or select it from the Colors Menu). In the filter itself, in Output Options, Bottom layer should be chosen as Reference. In Input/Output as Input layer should be selected Active and below:

  1. Click on OK and the colors will be transferred:

  1. Then delete the bottom layer and save the image in png format:


Wow thank you, this work perfectly.

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