Need Help with Queue Template

I somehow did this ages ago, but it all looks like Chinese arithmetic to me now.
I have read and re-read the instructions, but all of that %this and %that just doesn’t make any sense to me.
Could someone please type what my template should look like for the following path?

A:\John’s Pictures\2019\June\13-June\OriginalFileName_RT

Maybe once I see it in print, then it will all fall in place in my mind.
Your patience and understanding is much appreciated.

On Windows, I suggest


I don’t think that there is a method by which you can append _RT to the file names.

It works !

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I just stumbled around and blundered into the answer all by myself.

In Windows (and I guess Linux also) just forget about the % business, copy/paste or type the path normally, then make sure to replace every \ with a / and you can send a file anywhere from the Queue, regardless of where it originated from.

That template doesn’t seem to work, sorry.

It seems RT just ignores the strings it doesn’t recognize, so your template works as


(tried on windows, but in RT 5.5, though)

That’s a good workaround if you wish to save every image on the queue in the same folder.

I don’t think it’s suitable if you have a deep queue with images coming from different folders, but yours is the final decision.

Well, the documented % stuff should work. If not, we should fix it.
%y, %m, %d are not documented because they don’t exist.


I can sort of understand the % business so long as files are being sent back down the same path from whence they came; however, other than just typing in the entire path as I figured out I could do, what should the template look like when an image originated from drive A and is being sent to drive B?
Also, I can understand the %d1/%d2/%d3/%d4 where %d4 is the “root”
What if I have many more variables in my path, like eight or nine sub-folders deep; do I still follow the same basic principle except that %8 or %9 would then be the “root”; so, in theory, I could have a template that looked like %9/%8/%7/%6/%5/%4/%3/%2/%1/%f_RT ?
Thanks for reading and all help is appreciated.

Up to 9 should be possible.

But see it different:

Assume your raw is in path:




will save your output to




it would be saved into


Just read from right to left

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Actually, I took them from the file browser tab (show date and time entry) of the setting menu in RawTherapee. I just assumed that if it works in the setting of date and time, then RT will recognise it anywhere. Does not seem to be the case.

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Ok, now I understand. These are not the same unfortunately. I agree this can be confusing


Thanks ! Now it is beginning to make sense to me; or should I say sink into my thick skull…

So, %p3 is in direct relation to %d3; and, I can divert my path at any one of the %d by using the corresponding %p; and, %p at any particular point includes all of the %d up to that point so that each and every one of them need not be typed out.


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Thanks for everyone’s patience with me.
I think maybe I have a grasp on the situation now.