Need help with the retouching module

DT 2.6.2 on opensuse leap 15.1

I can’t seem to remove the leash of this dog.

2 files:


and the same file

tiff: it’s big (100Mb)

How do I remove the leash. The collar is OK


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Good tutorial on retouch module here:

Hi @foto, @Bbawt has given good hint. You can try retouch module:


dt-dogs-vancouver-20151219-0505.tif.xmp (5,2 KB)

Here is one with collar:

dt-dogs-vancouver-20151219-0505_01.tif.xmp (5,7 KB)


I did watch that video a couple of days ago.

My problem is making the shapes.

Do you know of some good video for making the selection?


Watch Bruce William’s videos in his DT series episodes 13-16 and 39 all on masking but you’ll see all the variations on making shapes. Also search youtube for Boris Hajdukovic’s video series as he uses a lot of shape creating for his edits - and as you can see from his work on your photo, he’s pretty darn good at it.

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I was search, but couldn’t finds the word “masking” (English is not my first nor second language)

I’ll have to say he’s lot more than “darn good”. I will be spending a lot more time on that.



No problem. Here is Bruce’s channel:
click on “videos” tab and all his videos are listed with episode numbers. 13,14,15,16 and 39 (and others) show how he creates and uses shapes for lots of different purposes.

Creating paths in darktable isn’t exactly easy and intuitive.

That’s why I decided to make a small video showing how to make them. I hope this will help you:

  1. Thank you it helps a lot
  2. At the 2mn 2 sec, there’s a circle that appears between the top right anchor of the feather. Where is this coming from?


I just downloaded the xmps. How do I import them?


I don’t know. I suspect that is a strange side effect of the algorithm that is responsible for building the curve (euler spiral, or spiro curve).

That’s why I don’t like to use brush to create shape - although it works fine, the indication is just a mess of strange curvy lines:

But, don’t worry, in most cases it’s not a problem. It works even if the indicator looks weird. :wink:

As for feathering, tomorrow I will make another little video on how to control feathering and couple other things.

Each time you import images into darktable, for each image an xmp file is automatically created in the same folder where the images are located. Close darktable, delete (or rename) the xmp file that darktable automatically placed and copy mine there.

When you are creating your shapes, what magnification do you recommend?



What do you mean by “magnification”?

I think magnification ist related to Zoom level

If that’s what he means, then there’s no rule. Which zoom level he should take depends on the object size he wants to mask.

Thanks again.

I spend yesterday, all the evening doing my retouching. It almost worked all of it. The video really helped. Thanks.

But in the end I used gimp 2.10 to finish some of the retouching, it was a lot more precise. 10 minutes of RT did cut a lot of the work that would have take me a good hour in gimp (I’m no expert in gimp, I just get my work done).

I see not having to use gimp in simpler situations, dog fur is much too difficult to control in RT.

Thanks again for the help.

That’s exactly what I’m doing too. I prepare the picture in darktable and do the rest in GIMP. :slightly_smiling_face:
GIMP is actually my main tool for image processing.

That is the most important point. With time you learn to handle the tools better and better. The nice thing is, we have here an excellent collection of software with which we can do all tasks. You can simply install them, try them out and find out what’s best for your workflow.
That is one of the big advantages of free software.


I used GIMP’s resynthesizer plugin and removed leash and collar in a couple of minutes with a simple selection around the leash first then doing the collar. If you don’t like those couple of artifacts where the collar was, you can retouch those, but who except you is going to know what the fur under the collar looks like anyway?


Thanks for the info and will need to learn how to use the resynthesizer. The last time I look at it I got lost in the selection… Any recommended tutorial?

I get 404 not found


If you Google “GIMP resynthesizer” you’ll find a couple of recent tutorials.

My error on the picture. I sent a link rather than attaching the picture.