Need help with working profiles

I am trying to set another working profile for Rawtherapee in Windows 10.
This is what Rawpedia says about it:

" RawTherapee 5.5 allows you to specify custom working profiles through a JSON file. The file should be named workingspaces.json and it can reside in:

The format of workingspaces.json is as follows:

{“working_spaces”: [
“name” : “ACES”,
“file” : “/path/to/ACES.icc”
“name” : “ACEScg”,
“matrix” : [0.7184354, 0.16578523, 0.09882643, 0.29728935, 0.66958117, 0.03571544, -0.00647622, 0.01469771, 0.66732561]

If “matrix” is present, “file” is ignored. If only “file” is present, the matrix is extracted from the ICC profile. For this, RawTherapee looks only at the R, G, and B matrix columns and the white point set in the profile. Bradford adaptation is used to convert the matrix to D50. Anything else in the profile (LUT, TRC, etc.) is ignored."

Well. I don´t know if I have understand it.
I have created a archive with this name “workingspaces.json” and with this format inside:

“{“working_spaces”: [
“name” : “LARGERGB ELLE V2 G10”,
“file” : “C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color\LargeRGB-elle-V2-g10.icc”

…and I have placed it where Rawpedia indicates but i can´t get it to appear in working profiles list.
Maybe I am doing something wrong…

Sorry about my poor english and thanks!

You need to use double backslashes,i.e. "c:\\path\\to\\something"


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Ok. That was the problem. Now all is ok.
Thanks a lot Agriggio!