Need Natron Help

I have a bunch of questions I’d love if anyone can answer them.
1- to hide a shape in any stage in the project and show it again, what do we use? (transform, switch or viewer?)

2- to add a new border do we use ‘set key’?

To hide something you can use the mix slider of the merge node.

HELLO im on a chromebook and i need help on knowing how to put images into NATRON read system thing???

PlEaSe HeLp

You can drag-and-drop files, you can press the “R” key, you can click on “Image”=>“Read”.

Btw, please don’t (re)post your question in other unrelated threads.

Stop posting the same thing everywhere! Just make one post about something you’re having an issue with and be patient. Don’t just spam the same goddamn thing in every post on the forum, please!

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