Need one flat file from xtrans DSLR

Hello everyone.
Does someone with XTRANS sensor could send me a Flat file?
I need it for tests.

Thank you.

I have an X-T1.
Could you give clear directions on
how you would prefer me to produce it?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Here are some.

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@heckflosse: I need different pattern :).
@Claes: a flat file is a file taken in a homogeneous light. For example, take a blank page from your computer

Oh dear, it is? In database science it is something completely different :slight_smile:

Hm… I have an idea. Will be back in a few minutes…

How about this one?
DSCF5347.raf (31.7 MB)

X-T1, a shot through an Electra Color Balance Panel.
Lens Hexanon 28mm. f/8.0

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Yes that looks good. A little dark but it is ok !!
Thanks :).

Yep. The result is supposed to become mid-gray :slight_smile:
In case you want/need a lighter one, just tell me, and
I’ll fix it after dinner.

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No, no problem, that is good :).

Would a file that was taken for this be of any use?

No, this is not the same type of image.
THanks :slight_smile:

Do you need any more XTRANS flats?

I’ve got some of the early morning deep blue sky that I use.

Yes of course. Thx :slight_smile:

So here are two, both shot on an X-T1

The first (0337) is a 1/1250th @ ISO 4000 through a 600 mm f/7.5 refractor, shot in the late afternoon in December before sunset.

The second (1079) is a 1/1500th @ ISO 1600 through a 420 mm f/6 refractor, shot in the early morning in January after sunrise.

I can dig up one in which there is a smudge on the sensor as well, if you want that sort of thing as these two are pretty much featureless. I subsequently cleaned the sensor off and these two are from after that.

DSCF0337.RAF (31.8 MB) DSCF1079.RAF (31.8 MB)

It should be fine thanks. I need to write the XTRANS version of:

It is not quite easy (at least for me :wink: )