Neowise, last call

Yesterday I finally managed to try and capture the comet. After a week of bad weather, the sky was clear, and knowing it was probably my last chance to capture it, I drove to the mountains and made an attempt. I took the best equipment I have (which doesn’t say much) and came up with this. Shot with a a6000 and a vintage rikenon 135 f/2.8, median stack of 9 frames at 5 seconds, f/2.8, iso 6400, finally processed in ART as best as I could. Despite the total darkness, the sky was very hazy, and the rising moon didn’t help. Also my tripod is really bad, so there’s probably also some motion due to the wind… Anyway, C&C welcome!


The green glow is really neat!
We barely see the plasma tail on you image, is it because it is fainter now that it is farther away from the sun?
If so I’m glad I caught it last week.


There’s that, but also the conditions were far from ideal. As I said it was hazy (but still the only half-acceptable night in the past week…), and although I went to a spot which is usually quite good wrt. lack of light pollution, I wasn’t even able to see the comet with my naked eye. I found it because I knew where it was supposed to be more or less, and I pointed the camera (with a wider lens) in that direction until I saw it on the lcd screen :slight_smile:
I also like the green glow, though I don’t know how realistic it is… :thinking:

Thanks for the comments!

I think it is realistic. I see the same glow on mine when I zoom in, though only at a the extremity of comet ball. I see it also on other images here on

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At least you went out with your gear and got something! After several attempts thwarted by bad weather I finally saw it one morning but wasn’t impressed enough to attempt shooting. Then switching to evening a few days later found it again and once more decided “eh” and didn’t bother.

Well, let’s say I had to justify the 1.5 hours drive (round trip) and gas cost, so I was prepared to not go back home without at least one picture :slight_smile: