Neowise over Holly Cross mountain

Many people are doing Neowise shots, here’s my attempt

This was shot late at night since we had to wait for clouds to pass, there were lots of clouds, light pollution and many other challenges with choosing location and then processing. This shot took couple hours and couple of “rage-quits” to do “right” :slight_smile: I wonder what you can do with attached RAW :slight_smile:

IMG_0026.CR2 (26.6 MB)

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Nice shot, I tried to reduce light pollution, darkening the sky
DT 3.0.2

IMG_0026_04.CR2.xmp (16.0 KB)

May I ? :slight_smile:

IMG_0026_01.CR2.xmp (22,0 KB)

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I also made this an exercise in light pollution removal and still keep a (darkish) blue night sky:

Making the greens in the foreground brighter ends up in a too washed out result. But that is my 2c (as always).

Thanks for sharing!

EDIT: Forgot the sidecar: (19.4 KB) This is, however, for a hybrid 3.1.0 version. It uses Aurélien’s channel mixer rgb, which is WIP and not yet available out-of-the-box.