Neuschwanstein WB challenge

Taken in may 2018 at 230 mm on crop sensor, the OOC jpeg is very bluish and lacks contrast.
Have fun giving good colours to the Kini’s Castle!
DSCF3855_Iri.dng (45.1 MB)

Hint: this DNG is already demosaiced, CA and distortion correction are already applied

this is my attempt:

DSCF3855_Iri_RT-7.jpg.out.pp3 (12.3 KB)

a simpler and IMO better approach using auto WB, auto levels and only light corrections from RGB curves:

DSCF3855_Iri_RT-9.jpg.out.pp3 (12.4 KB)

This file is licensed Creative Commons, By-Attribution, Share-Alike.


DSCF3855_Iri.dng.xmp (11.3 KB)


I took this opportunity to play with the dt workflow that @s7habo suggested in this link

S7_00846.jpg.xmp (838 Bytes)

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

This is my take. It’s odd, but RT dev doesn’t seem to recognize this dng as a raw image. I’ve had to edit it as if it was a regular tiff (?) image.

Nice castle! :slight_smile:

DSCF3855_Iri.png.out.pp3 (11.4 KB)

Edit: BTW…, is that a figure of Saint George and the dragon? :wink:


Thanks for sharing! Here’s mine

DSCF3855_Iri.dng.arp (10.3 KB)


This DNG is already demosaiced using Iridient X-Transformer, so basically you are right, it is more like a tiff.
The figure looks like St. George, but I don’t know if this is true.

btw your sharpening is extraordinary! Never saw so much details from this cheap lens :clap:

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Well, thank you! That means a lot to me! :smile:

But honestly, all the hard work has been done by RT wavelet levels tool, with a bit of help from post-resize RL sharpening. Look at the pp3.

That’s what I did … I never really understood how wavelet section works. Definitely something I should learn!

Edit: You scaled the image down, that’s why details look so clear :laughing:

Here’s mine:

DSCF3855_Iri.dng.pp3 (11.5 KB)

What a challenging file to process… Briefly, what I did (in RT) is:

  • Adjust the WB temperature and tint
  • Increase saturation of pastel tones a bit
  • Increase the contrast using curves
  • Activate the dehaze module

My aim was to differentiate the castle from the trees, with good colors but still retaining the impression of “distance”. I also decided to ignore the highlights in the roof, it’s very hard to keep them from clipping.

At this point the image is quite blue, so I used a pretty drastic RBG curve to get the blue channel under control.

After that, trying to give the image a bit of “atmosphere”, I used one of my favorite tricks: tone mapping with negative strength. After that, I just activated RL sharpening.


Both RawTherapee and darktable have god demoasic for x-trans, what do you think you’re getting from Iridiant?

Demosaicing in RawTherapee is really good, but CA and distortion correction is done perfectly by Iridient. In the end it is only my laziness that let me buy Iridient, and to get even worse I deleted all my RAF files from before 2019

RT is pretty awesome at CA. Anyway, I would have preferred to play with a real raw file. :wink:

Not for xtrans files

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out of stupidity and lack of terabytes I deleted all my raw files from before 2019

Sorry, I didn’t the know the camera in this case.

DSCF3855_Iri.dng.xmp (16.6 KB)


Nice image @Sunhillow! Here is RT 5.7 + GIMP 2.10.12 attempt. The GIMP was used to increase the contrast in the image (To increase the contrast, I used the Screen blend mode on the castle and Multiply blend mode for the forest.)
DSCF3855_Iri.jpg.out.pp3 (12.6 KB)


my try with dt3
DSCF3855_Iri.dng.xmp (13.0 KB)


exported neutral from darktable and a fast edit in photoflow

DSCF3855_Iridt.pfi (20.1 KB)


DT 3.0 DSCF3855_Iri.dng.xmp (5.2 KB)

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