Never used flatpak package before

I’d like to install the latest Gimp dev version (10), but I see there’s only a flatpak package.
I’ve never used flatpak before.
Can someone show me what should I do to execute this gimp .flatpak I’ve just downloaded?
I’m on Ubuntu 16.04.
Thanks in advance.

There is also an AppImage here: GitHub - aferrero2707/gimp-appimage

Where is the 2.10 flatpak? I haven’t seen it.

Anyway, you need:

  1. The flatpak PPA (ironic, yes):
  2. I’d use the CLI install method instead of the flatpak file. The flatpak file opens in GNOME Software or KDE discover. I don’t think Ubuntu Software center is supported.
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To install Gimp 2.10 RC2 flatpak:

flatpak install gimp-2.10.0-RC2-x86_64.flatpak

To uninstall:

flatpak uninstall org.gimp.GIMP/x86_64/dev

@racer-x Thanks. And before that, just add the ppa and install flatpak itself, right?

No need, it will install Gnome, then the flatpak. You’ll need to enter your password twice.

@racer-x What? It will install Gnome over Unity?

@racer-x hummm… I think I won’t mess my ubuntu install, it is my main OS, so I’ll wait for another install option, if there’s one available at some point.
Thanks anyway!

It won’t install GNOME, it installs a gnome runtime that has all the gtk libraries.

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As @paperdigits suggested, you can try the appimage. It does not require any additional run-time dependency, and it will not mess-up with your system.

Just download the package, make it executable, and run it :slight_smile:

EDIT: RC1 is already available, RC2 is on the way…

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I missed your post.
Thanks for the appimage link, I will go with that

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@Carmelo_DrRaw, Your RC1 appimage ran very well, except for the problem loading scripts. I could edit the python scripts to make it load them, but not the scheme scripts.

Anyway, flatpac seems to be replacing PPA’s. It’s much easier for S/W creators to write a single flatpac that should work on all distros vs multiple PPA’s. The stable version of Gimp and other’s flatpac auto update when new versions come out. There is a large selection of flatpaks in my distro’s S/W repository.

Where do I find it?

I installed the flatpak version, but I’m not able to maximize the window? Any thoughts?

The AppImage packages are saved here. Pick the one with the gimp-git-2.10.1 prefix, that’s the most recent one…

@Carmelo_DrRaw Great, it worked! I will uninstall the flatpak version.
As a side note, libbzip2-dev wasn’t found on Ubuntu 18.04 repositories. libbz2-dev did the trick.

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Good to know! As a side note, please be aware that the AppImage includes by default few popular plug-ins (G’MIC-Qt, liquid rescale, resynthetizer and NUFraw, plus my PhotoFlow plug-in).

I am open for suggestions regarding other useful plug-ins that could be included in addition.


I downloaded and ran your gimp-git-2.10.1 appimage. It runs great, but won’t load any scheme scripts. My favorite ones are 3-D extrude and BevelReflectLogo. It would be great if you could enable the scheme scripts to show up.


I have opened an issue on github not to forget about this: Enable scheme scripts · Issue #11 · aferrero2707/gimp-appimage · GitHub