New camera, old sensor support (Fuji GFX 100S)

Hi folks

Soon (I hope), I will get my new camera, it’s the new Fuji GFX100S, who got the exact same sensor as the GFX100.

The GFX100 are supported by darktable (as by rawtherapee), but not the GFX100s. We can currently find some RAW file on internet shoot with the GFX100S. So I’m using exiftool to change the metadata to tell darktable «it’s a GFX100» file. But well it’s not working, darktable end up with

[rawspeed] (DSCF0032.RAF) void rawspeed::FujiDecompressor::decompress() const, line 797: Too many errors encountered. Giving up. First Error:
void rawspeed::FujiDecompressor::fuji_decode_sample(T1&&, T2&&, rawspeed::FujiDecompressor::fuji_compressed_block*, uint16_t*, int*, std::array<rawspeed::FujiDecompressor::int_pair, 41>*) const [with T1 = rawspeed::FujiDecompressor::fuji_decode_sample_even(rawspeed::FujiDecompressor::fuji_compressed_block*, uint16_t*, int*, std::array<rawspeed::FujiDecompressor::int_pair, 41>*) const::<lambda(const uint16_t*, int*, int*, int*)>; T2 = rawspeed::FujiDecompressor::fuji_decode_sample_even(rawspeed::FujiDecompressor::fuji_compressed_block*, uint16_t*, int*, std::array<rawspeed::FujiDecompressor::int_pair, 41>*) const::<lambda(int, int, int)>; uint16_t = short unsigned int], line 308: fuji_decode_sample

and rawtherapee who handle the file … worstly:

rawtherapee DSCF0032.RAF
DSCF0032.RAF: Unexpected end of file
DSCF0032.RAF: Unexpected end of file
zsh: segmentation fault (core dumped)  rawtherapee DSCF0032.RAF

How can I help for supporting this camera ? (knowning I didn’t get the camera currenlty)


You need to have support in rawspeed, the raw decoding library for darktable. When you do get the camera, upload samples to

Please do not upload random internet samples there.

OK. Thanks. I will do that soon I get the camera. I already get the «thing» for the lenses databases.


Provide a raw

I check few raw file uploaded, I see some are just a landscape, some are a color chart, does make the work easier if I shoot a color chart ? I should have that somewhere. Or I can shoot a landscape or in fact anything you like.

There are instructions on what to shoot for sample images on the web page itself.

I saw them (or I think) but my question are not exactly what to shoot, but what to shoot to make the work easier. Or maybe it’s the same whatever the content are.

The content of the shot doesn’t really matter, we are just tying to make sure we don’t include people or things that’d cause us to have to remove the image for copyright reasons.

Just make sure the shot is well exposed and in focus.

Ok Thanks.

No problem I will do that soon as I got the camera

I want this camera too, I’m jealous.

:wink: :wink: :wink:

Well my bank account hate that camera… :hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face:

What may work is to copy paste the data of GFX 100 and change the name of GFX 100 to the new camera model
Take a copy of your cameras.xml first in case you do something wrong.

This will break when you update darktable next time, why it is important that you, as other have written, upload your raw files to

Also check out the tutorial of creating noise profile for your new camera. Even if you can’t create the data in computer you may be able to take the samples.

All the instructions are here:

I added GFX 50R support a couple of years back by copying over the data from the 50S (and then also donated a pair of RAF files, both compressed and uncompressed, to

You should be able to do the same for the GFX 100S. I’m hoping to buy one too, after I save enough money (which would probably be the end of the year maybe).