New "collectFiles" python script

Identical to After Effects ‘Collect Files’ feature.
Used to backup a comp.



Do you want to transfer this repo to NatronGitHub? That would make sense.
There should also be a section about the community (forumn plugins, scripts) in the natron doc, do you want to write something?

Hi Frédéric.
Yes, sounds logical to me.

What’s the procedure ?

About contributing to the doc, i was planning to do something, but have been lacking of time, since i’m mainly involved in writing python for Natron.

Plus, working mainly on Windows, installing Sphinx on that OS, while not being complicated, is not that straightforward neither.

But I’ll do something a little bit later.

Installing Sphinx on Windows should be easy. Install Python (add to PATH to make things easier, I guess the installer has that option), then open a terminal and type pip install -U sphinx.

Also, don’t let technical things stop you (or anyone) from writing documentation for Natron. I will happily convert/adapt new documentation and add it to Natron if needed.

One could also install Linux in a virtual machine like Virtual Box.

GitHub allows editing of rst files with a live preview, so don’t be frightened! Just fork Natron, create a branch in you fork for your new doc, and start writing, it’s as simple as clicking “create new file” in github.

There’s a cheat sheet (referenced at the top of every rst file in the Natron doc) at

Follow an example like Natron/tutorials-hsvtool.rst at RB-2.3 · NatronGitHub/Natron · GitHub
Take a look at the source code, it’s really not complicated. The only tricky part is if you need cross-references with other parts of the doc

There’s also a docker image, which doesn’t require running virtualbox Docker Hub

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Indeed, it was very simple :slight_smile:

Yes, i had a look at rst syntax.
Very simple and easy and, anyway, editing file through GitHub in wysiwyg mode is enven easier.
I’ve started to tweak some parts of the doc, but will wait to have something more consistent before doing a pull request.

It seems i dont’t have the permission to tranfer my ‘natron-python-scripting’ to NatronGitHub.

Try again (and welcome to the Admin group)