New digiKam User Documentation

Sun Jan 1, 2023

New digiKam User Documentation

by digiKam Team


Dear digiKam fans and users,

A new year means new goals, and this one is a challenge: migrating the old digiKam documentation based on DocBook format to a new architecture, more simple and easy to maintain. After 20 years, we left the DocBook version for the modern Sphinx/ReStructuredText framework. This one is really a pleasure to use by documentation writers.

The content is published in a dedicated web site, internationalized by the KDE translation teams. An EPUB version is also available for the off-line use cases.

The new documentation is now open for contributions, to fix contents and add new sections/chapters. Please look at the dedicated git repository, and especially the README file where you will find all technical details to help us with this manual.

Thanks for your future supports.

The digiKam team wishes you a happy new year 2023.

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Only this one, as Sphinx was already used by Krita and Kdenlive projects, so it was simple to deploy on the KDE infrastructures. In all cases, Sphinx is 1000 better than DocBook so far, so i think it’s a good solution, well documented and wide used.