New Discord Invite Link

Hey Everyone.
I’m the admin of the Natron Discord server. Recently there have been some crypto spam accounts joining the Discord server and since there were multiple invite links I cannot identify which one was being used by the spammer.
So all previous invite links have been deleted and a new one has been generated:

If you have shared or posted any of the old invite links anywhere, be sure to update to this one.
Also if you have seen any old or invalid invites on someone else’s posts, inform them about the updated invite link.

Important thing to note about the new invite link:
The new invite link gives “Temporary Membership” to a new member. That means the moment new members disconnect from Discord, they will be kicked from the server. To avoid this, new members must follow the steps in the new-members (default landing channel) and get a Member role. The member role will ensure that you won’t be kicked. This is done to further prevent spam accounts and mostly inactive people from joining the server.