New exporter for Piwigo galleries

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New exporter for Piwigo galleries

Dear digiKam users,

A new export plugin has been added to the Kipi-plugins development trunk: an export to Piwigo plugin!

Some of you may not know Piwigo yet: it's a powerful web gallery based on usual PHP/MySQL technologies. It's a good solution if you want to self-host your photos and avoid third-parties services like Picasa or Flickr. It can be compared to Menalto Gallery, which is already supported by Kipi-plugins, even if I find Piwigo lighter and more complete when it comes to browsing capabilities (hierarchical categories, tags or chronology).

Moreover, Piwigo is built by a dynamic and welcoming community.

Regarding the plugin itself, it currently:

  1. connects to your website,
  2. lists your category tree,
  3. uploads selected photos.

and the result:

I hope you'll find it useful.

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(Nick Vrtis) #2

I am running DigiKam 5.6.0 on a Windows 10 computer. With the Piwigo plugin from liblipi 5.2.0.

Exporting to Piwigo 2.9.4

Most of the time the export works fine. But about 1 out of 10 images will fail to export. I get a message back saying

Failed to upload media into remote Piwigo. Error transferring - server replied: unused

Do you want to continue?

If I reply continue, it will skip that image and proceed. If I try to export that image again to the same folder, it will fail the same way. If I try to export that image to an empty folder, it works.

This is repeatable.

I have looked at the Piwigo logs, and it appears that the plugin just stops sending chunks. It stops after the same chunk for the same image, but it might be different chunks for different images.


Please try the latest stable appimage ver.5.9.0
6.0.0 is in beta until February.
Starting from 6.1.0 all export plugins will be rewritten using the new plugin interface written by Gilles.

(Nick Vrtis) #4

I upgraded to 5.9.0, but still have the same problem. :frowning:


I would file a bug in KDE bugzilla / digikam…