New Filmulator feature: precision input spinner (edit: added gif)

Today I implemented a new feature in Filmulator, the precision input spinner. This is a feature available on any continuous-valued slider.

Right-click on the tool name (Tint in this example) to reveal or hide this circular iPod-like dial.

Drag anywhere in the circle (including the inner circle and move clockwise about the center in order to increase the value, or counterclockwise to decrease the value.

Move the mouse away from the center of the circle (even completely outside of the editor window) for more precise control.

Eight full revolutions of the mouse about the center is equal to the full slider range.


@CarVac Very nice!

As an aside:

If I were to port Filmulator to a tablet, this would make a good interface instead of sliders, I think. Maybe select the active tool from a list on the side and have a fixed-location thumb dial like this on the bottom corner of the screen.

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Super! Fine adjustments with sliders can be tough.

I had made most of the sliders linearized in such a way that they weren’t sensitive to small adjustments, but I have to say, now that I have implemented this, it’s definitely helpful for the WB sliders which are both very sensitive and also have to cover a very wide range (to deal with a range from firelight to underwater white balance).

That’s really pretty cool. One of those ideas you think, “Why didn’t someone come up with that sooner.”

darktable has an “input loupe” (I think it’s called) that has the same purpose but works differently; the lower the mouse is in the rectangle the less sensitive it gets, and you move the mouse horizontally to adjust.

That works great. Have to try your solution as well, seems to be better prepared for touchscreen use. Guess you know what would really rock? :wink: