New GIMP JPEG 2000 plugin available, supports load & save with real-time visible tweakable compression rate (like the jpg exporter does).

Available here :

Source & win64 prebuilt.

Saves to j2k codestream format - bare bones as that’s all I need for now. Openjpeg supports writing a jp2 container around that to support to support colour profiles, etc. That can be added pretty easily. not by me as in crunch, sorry. Saves rgb(a) & mono(a) codestream.

Dynamic real-time quality tune, similar to jpeg save as that’s where the code came from.

j2k format & openjpeg have loads of tuning parameters that can be experimented with. Right now its super simple 0-100 which is effective but could be taken further.

Enjoy !

No time to push a merge to GIMP trunk, but that’d be cool as it’s better than current GIMP j2k plugin, compatible license & ready to roll.

If anyone available to do this, please take it from here.

To avoid duplication of work, this might already be in process.

I dunno :slight_smile: Gotta get on with other stuff. Have fun !

Thanks for sharing and welcome to the forum!

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Hi, and welcome. I don’t think anyone is going to do the merge work for you, but it should be the easiest part of the whole process.

The merge is for you, not for me, I don’t need it. I got what I need.

You’ve done some free, here do some more doesn’t work for me.

You want it taking further, you take it further :slight_smile:


Sorry way too busy on other stuff. If its easy, you do it.

Sorry but nobody will (or should) take your unlicensed code and try and merge it into gimp.

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There is a licence in COPYING.

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Licensing would be the least problematic part here.

The plugin makes zero use of babl/GEGL. There is no support for metadata and color profiles. There are code style issues.

I mean, yeah, it’s nice that someone wrote this code. But without a crapton of further work, it’s basically useless and can’t be included. Nice potential of growing into another ‘GIMP developers reject patches!’ showcase though :smiley:

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k, well, we’ll keep our version out of tree & use it as we need then.

if you want it done differently, do it differently.

I need j2k codestream read/write/tune.

It gets me that. I’m done :slight_smile:

Interessant, I didn’t know that someone is still using JPEG 2000. What is it used for?

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You say that as though its legacy when in fact, j2k is significantly better than ancient jpg, still used on the web :slight_smile:

We’re using j2k format on the XSG 3D web (a potential successor to HTML).

Will likely switch to AV1 image format at some point, replacing j2k, but for the time being its j2k if you want efficient textures that compress well.

Open source 3D pipeline tools here :

XSG 3D web browser here :

Delivering all this keeps me quite busy, hence why I don’t have time to take our j2k plugin further right now.

Given current GIMP built in apparently has a better reader, perhaps the win-win right now is built in reader, coupled with our writer.

As you lot are visual, here’s what our stuff is all about :

Obv proper artists can do better than programmer test art, but you hopefully get the idea.