New Style of Browse-for-Folder Dialogue in digiKam 6.0.


I don’t know why it changed, but I very much prefer the behavior of the old “browse for a folder” dialogue in Settings > Configure digiKam > Add Collection

The old way of doing things listed the path across the top and had these wonderful little triangles behind each folder-name; click the triangle and all the subfolders appeared; pick the one you want, click it’s triangle, and it’s subfolders then appeared = very handy and very quick to navigate.

This new dialogue has me having to double-click and double-click, and double-click some more.


I’ve been wondering this too.

When Win10 File Explorer’s File Picker UI is more advanced/easy/quick/~ then perhaps that function needs a revisit :slight_smile:


Maybe that is a new Qt feature. I don’t think digiKam folks actually wrote the file picker. They rely on Qt framework when it is possible.


If I were to revert to an older(much older) version of digiKam, would I regain the older save dialogue behavior?

The more I think upon my many digiKam problems of late, the more I am thinking that my problems all sort of set upon me when I updated digiKam to a more recent version.

Of course, at the time I did not foresee any reason not to update, so I did not make myself any notes as to just when I did update.

Way back when I first installed digiKam, there was some forgotten feature that did not work at all in Windows and was fixed in a soon-to-follow version; I updated to that version and used digiKam problem-free for ages; then, for no real reason, I updated and the more I think about it, the more I am beginning to believe that that is when the bottom began to fall out.

Maybe I am wrong in my thinking, but I have exhausted every other possibility I can think of and exhausted myself in the process.


Not sure if there is an archive of older versions. It is worth to ask on the user mailing list.

I hope Gilles has been keeping the previous versions.


I checked a random date and got the link to an old version. The link seemed to still be valid :grinning:


Exactly. This file dialog come from Qt


The official 6.0.0-beta1/2/3 bundles are archived here:

other are not archived of course…