New to monochrome and want to manually pre-process

Maybe this question has been answered multiple times before and I just can’t find the post but, I am new to monochrome and I have multiple nights of imaging that I don’t want a script to pre-process. I would very much like to apply the bias, flats, and darks to my subs from each night (calibrate them) and then stop there. Going through the manual pre-processing tutorial, it doesn’t make very clear where I stop if I wanted to stack multiple nights of calibrated data.

I can certainly assume I should stop just short of the registration step since that is where the scaling and rotating and whatnot is occurring, but like I said Siril doesn’t make that clear. Additionally, since Siril works in sequences, is it even possible to put all my calibrated files in a different folder named something like “Calibrated_ready for registration” and direct Siril to that folder to register and stack all of them into a single picture?

Hi, Alan!
I see it like this

First of all do the following:

  • Create one master-bias file or use Synthetic biases
  • Create master-dark files for each exposure+gain+offset+temperature combination

After this You should do next steps for each channel:

  • Create flat files for each session
  • Calibrate light files of each session using siutable dark and flat frames
  • On Convert tab add all calibrated files and create sequence for registration and stacking

Excellent! I thought this myself last night actually as I was creating my calibrated files from the first night. I thought to myself, “why couldn’t I have a folder in the main directory containing all my nights data called calibrated, and throw all the calibrated data in that folder, then tell Siril to make a sequence from that folder”…

I am glad you confirmed my thoughts. It means I am thinking logically! haha

Not to mention, this will allow me to keep collecting data at different times and add it to that folder. I am on a mission to prove that whatever Pixinsight can do, Siril can too.