New tool "Capture Sharpening"

@afre The matrix I posted above as an example is not a kernel. It’s the (simplified) image. Each number corresponds to the sigma of the kernel being used for that tile of the image.

Oh! As in the other thread. Mind Gaussian-ed.

To clarify:

I added the negative boost as suggested by @chaimav because it was very easy to add and does not hurt (though it does not fit to the tool as imho it’s more related to creative sharpening than to capture sharpening).

Further possible improvement:

The center of sharpness is not the center of the image because

  1. the lens is decenterd => give it to service
  2. you want to have the center of sharpness off center for other reasons (e.g. the eyes in the portrait are not in the center of the image) => use the newlocallab branch

I would argue that it fits with capture sharpening too. This is because the corners of an image are sometimes intentionally out of focus. Applying a constant sharpening across an image can create unwanted effects on the image.

I do agree that this is not something to design the tool around, but as corners were already capable of being handled differently I thought it worthwhile to implement.

That’s why I implemented it :+1:

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Given the enthusiasm expressed for this new tool, I am guessing that it will be incorporated in the next stable (5.8?) release. I can only pray, when that happens, someone will devote a concerted effort to explaining its use in Rawpedia.

Thanks again to the wonderful developers. :+1::+1:

It will be.

Well, rawpedia is open for everyone who creates an account :wink: Feel free to do document it from a user perspective. I will for sure be available for the details (if needed).

I will be very happy to provide whatever documentation or comments that I feel competent to offer. I shall surely not be reticent in offering questions or exposing my confusion.


There’s at least one issue with xtrans files and capture sharpening I have to solve. It’s the auto radius calculation, which works quite well for bayer, but not for xtrans…

Capture Sharpening has a name to put in favorites?


Yes, but I just changed the name from pdsharpening to capturesharpening. Which one fits for the version you use you have to try out.

Ok, with the 111 works for me capturesharpening
Thank you.

Hi, capture sharpening looks very useful. However after I’ve applied it once to an image, it is now applied automatically to every other image I open in the editor. If I turn it off for one image, then it stays off if I close and then reopen that image, but for every new image opened it is on by default. Is that normal?

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Do you use the auto-matched iso-low profile? capture sharpening is enabled in this profile.

Yes that must be it. I hadn’t used RT in a while so I’m rusty… Sorry about that.

I saw that, too, especially it got activated for images I already edited (now completely oversharpened). Is the profile applied again when reopening and image? I always thought it was just an initial set of default tools/settings.

That sounds like a bug

@ff2000 I can not reproduce. Please tell me how to reproduce.

Please open an issue on github with the exact steps to reproduce.

I think @ff2000 refers that having photos edited with RT5.7 ‘without Capture Sharpening’ (pp3 already exists) when opening RT5.7-Dev with ‘Capture Sharpening’ the Capture Sharpening module opens ON.