New Trick for Moving Tags in the Tag Tree

At least it is new to me…

Drag/Drop Keyword Tags in tall Keyword Tag trees is very erratic, at least it always has been for me.

I stumbled upon a solution that, while not the best solution, at least makes things much easier; so, I thought I would share it here.

I have a massive Keyword Tag tree, with thousands of tags and many many sub-tags; constantly growing and constantly being improved upon.

Here is an example of how I use my newfound trick:

Lets say I have a parent tag way up there at the top, “Animals”; and way down there at the bottom is “Zoo Animals”; and, I would like to have “Zoo Animals” included within “Animals”

If I just “grab” Zoo Animals and attempt to drag it way up there to Animals, it quickly becomes an act in frustration, at least it always is for me.

So…, in the Tags search panel on the left side, I select “Zoo Animals” and all ten thousand three hundred and fourteen of my Zoo Animals populate the window.

I go to the top and do Edit > Select All

I then right-click Zoo Animals and choose “Properties”; and, in the name space, I rename Zoo Animals to AnZoo Animals and click Okay.

This immediately moves Zoo Animals right up there underneath Animals.

I give digiKam a few minutes to get done digesting this new change and then just grab AnZoo Animals and drop it on top of Animals and select “Move Here” from the little menu that appears.

Now, I have all of my animals in the same barn and the rest of the sorting is as easy as working weigh cows at Taylor County Stockyard.

Thanks for reading and I hope someone finds some usefulness in this.

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Hello, I suppose I don’t understand your problem. According to me, when you go to the Captions tag at the right side of the window, you can drag captions/tags to whatever place you want. So in your case, you drag “Zoo animals” into “Animals” and you’re done.
Again, perhaps I don’t really see what you mean.

Edit. Have a look at the Tag manager as well.

From OP’s post, I understand he knows about drag&drop.
But if you have a long, flat list of tags, organising it by drag&drop in a relatively small window can be “challenging”… Tag manager doesn’t really change anything about that.

Another way of doing it, would be to set up the tag as you want it, (for all or some of your tags), leaving the new tags unassigned for not. Then, in a second step, select the old tag and assign the new one.
Finally, remove all the unnecessary old tags in one go and clean up the data base (tag manager). No need to explicitly remove the old tags this way

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