New update bug?

I just updated to the new 2.10.38 and now my tool box disappears every time I click on my image. Every time now I have to go to windows, dockable dialogs, tool options and it comes back but only until I click on the image. To have to do this every time now. It’s like putting your paint brush in a jar, closing the lid, painting then having to reopen the jar to put the brush in every time!
how do I uninstall this update??? i put a bug report in. I tried locking the dialog box. :rage:

You should just be able to uninstall the program and redownload and install the previous version. Might be good to mention OS on your computer.

May be caused by corrupted configuration files.
I recommend you to delete your configuration files and re-install GIMP.

Thank you! It’s windows, microsoft 10. I did uninstall it and reinstalled. Same problem.

Thanks, I did uninstall and reinstalled gimp update. Same problem.

I thought this was gimp, but now I don’t think this is.

I just installed the 2.10.38 upgrade on Windows 11 and I can not replicate your problem unless you have unticked the single-window mode and then I can replicate your issue.


When you re-installed GIMP, did you delete configuration files under “C:\Users\ USERNAME \AppData\Roaming\GIMP\2.10” folder?