New user documentation available

I decided to take a healthy break away from programming the project and worked on some user documentation instead. I’m somewhat happy with it but I have much left to do on expanding sections of it with more details.

The old documentation was on the website which mean’t nobody could contribute. This new version is on our Github at /docs. So much easier for anyone to help out. Let me know if people think everything on a single page is a good/bad idea. I’m not sure at the moment if I should be using multiple pages instead to separate it out.


The doc is easy to read and very concise. I haven’t had time to play with photoflare yet, so I have no idea as to completeness. Good idea putting it on Github to open it up.

Normally I’m not a fan of the one big page approach, since it means loading the entire page to get to one topic. In this case, though, it’s small enough at this point in time to load quickly, and all topics have links from the ToC, so it probably doesn’t matter.

This is the first time I hear about PhotoFlare, and it looks great. It’s good to see that documentation is not just a mere afterthought. The instructions are well-written and easy to follow. I’m not sure about having everything on one page, though. It might work right now, but it’s not scalable.


What I am missing in the documentation as well as the readme is info about the general philosophy of the tool, such as layer based, node/graph based, non-destructive, … to get some idea what the tool can do for you.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I’m not just trying to provide documentation for the project but “good” documentation that will be easy for a user to follow and understand.

Alright, I can see a trend here. :slight_smile: I’ll split the documentation into multiple separate pages, since I do have more to add to it too.

Good idea! I will add this to the documentation and readme.

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