New User Help with RGB Histogram Curves SIRIL

Is there a way to stretch the RGB curves separately in SIRL?

When I open the Histogram Transformation Tool I see 3 Dots (RGB)

If I select one color I only see the curve for that color but the sliders adjust all colors.



No sorry maybe in a future version.

You can’t stretch your RGB curves in another program and then put your image back into SIRL?

In siril there is no reason to stretch curves separately as the color calibration can be done in the dedicated module.

Thanks I now see that I can check “manual white balance” in the color calibration module and adjust the color curves.

I’m trying to blend SHO narrow band images into RGB (Hubble Palette) and the green channel (Ha) is too strong.

Should I be using the new Pixel Math function?

You can split your images in 3 channel and use the “linear match” function.
Everything is explained here: Siril - RGB composition