New version released: 0.99.4

Hello, we are glad to announce that we’ve just released a new version of Siril. This is the beta version of the 1.0.0, its code-name is 0.99.4.
This version provides a ton of new feature. The most important is the 32bit precision. But the UI of the application has been deeply refactored for a better user experience.
I hope you will enjoy this version and you can download it here.


Trying to install on Ubuntu 20.04. There are two unmet dependencies that I cannot seem to get installed.

dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of siril:
siril depends on libgsl25 (>= 2.6); however:
Package libgsl25 is not installed.
siril depends on libjpeg62-turbo (>= 1.3.1); however:
Package libjpeg62-turbo is not installed.

Neither of those packages have a installation candidate when I try to install them. Wondering how to proceed.

Did you use our PPA?

Are the 0.99.4 Debian packages only for AMD64?

Packages we are providing yes. But PPA, and official Debian, no.

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Adding the PPA did solve this problem for me.

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Interesting. The installer wasn’t working for me on Windows (double-clicking it just spins a wheel for a bit and nothing else happens).
Is the portable binary zip unavailable for the beta?

uploaded at

Thanks :). But What is the g4bf66bd8 commit? Is this a typo?

You can also find the zip of the official release we have built, here:

Just dipping back in to this topic to ask: Is there an official release of the binary zip available for Windows users for 0.99.6? I tried just modifying the link given above (no dice).

Try now.

Thanks! Are downloads kept around 50 KB/s normally? Should we start setting up torrents to help out?

I’m not the server owner, @vinvin is. Yes torrents could help. I don’t even know if Siril is downloaded a lot :).

I could download it with ~80 so maybe there was a problem with the connection?!?

Just tried with another connection; seems perfectly fine and dandy, now. False alarm!