New Windows builds

(Ingo Weyrich) #405

Should be fixed now. Please pull again :slight_smile:


yes compiles. thanks

(todd) #407

Hey there… Not sure if I should post here or a separate thread… I finally completely uninstalled sguyader’s last build which got rid of the issue I posted about above with the ‘no disk in drive’ messages with your x64 builds. (Deleting my modified options file seemed to do the trick. I tried having them coexist side by side but still had the problem.)

Now I have noticed a new issue with your ‘release_gtk3-bugfix_4.2.1412’ build. It does not allow me to change the theme and only allows the ‘RawTherapee’ theme. I installed and ran the ‘debug_gtk3-bugfix_4.2.1412’ build as well but don’t know what I need to do to report this bug properly.

I’ve also installed your latest ‘locallab_4.2.1265’ and ‘pixelshift_4.2.1241’ and these two builds do not have the issue with the theme selection. In fact, I discovered that these have other themes I had not seen before and I really like them which makes me want to see the issue in gtk3 4.2.1412 resolved even more. :smiley:

So I will do whatever you ask of me if it can help. :wink:

Fwiw, I also just installed ‘release_gtk3-bugfix_4.2.1409’ and it also has the same problem as 1412. This is all on Windows 10…



This will help with the theme: :slight_smile:

(todd) #409

Indeed it does. Thanks!

By the way, your theme in this context has the issue where the left column on the editor screen bounces out, instead of staying sized over to maximize viewing area… I recall you fixed this before but don’t recall specifics…


The smallest possible width is smaller than the values in the navigator panel. That’s why it pops out when you move the mouse over the picture and the color values are shown.

This is not a theme issue and depends on the font and font size. What I can do is to increase the min. width, but what happens on Linux or Apple? Is the used font smaller or wider? :wink:


Ha, I was lying. :laughing:
I could remove some pixel from the separator line and now it doesn’t pop out.
Will be fixed in next update.


If you look at the aboutthisbuild.txt, you will notice that those branches are based on the gtk2 gui toolkit like the master branch.
gtk3-bugfix branch is still a work in progress done mainly by Hombre and also by Toowaboo. In a near future it will become the master branch.
I cannot help with issues except for build problems(e.g. missing dependencies). The best is to report on github.

Be aware that I frequently push updated builds in my RT32 and RT 64 drive without notifying here.

@TooWaBoo [quote=“TooWaBoo, post:411, topic:615”]
now it doesn’t pop out.Will be fixed in next update.

Is it possible also to correct the rawtherapee theme?
For my taste, left column an right column are too wide.


This, you should better ask @Hombre.
I’ve changed the default font to Arial and this saves a lot of space.

You can try it yourself.
Make this change to the theme:

* {
    color: #AAAAAA;
--> font-family: Arial;

(Cyril LAPORTE) #414

Sorry to ask here but were can we find infos on Pixelshift?

(Morgan Hardwood) #415

(todd) #416

fyi, the ‘no disk’ error is back for me on the latest gtk3 builds…

(Flash) #417

Yay!! Deactivating the floppy in BIOS did the job for me, too! Startup time is down to maybe three secons from what was roughly 4 minutes before. Also the seetings menue is much quicker now. =)

(lux) #418

Deactivating an floppy isn’t a solution for me because I haven’t any floppy proposed in my BIOS.
Anyway, it isn’t a good and definitive solution ; the problem is inside the software and désactivating a floppy is as to get round the PB.

(todd) #419

Have a look at the last six posts in this thread.

(Sebastien Guyader) #420

For those who want to try, today I just made a new build from the dev branch, for Win 64 (still with Gtk+ 3.18):

(Ingo Weyrich) #422

Please don’t try to make windows builds from dev currently! I broke the build intentionally because of a critical bug (no, not caused by my pixelshift merge from today) which we don’t want to go live.

I’ll report when the bug is fixed.

(Ingo Weyrich) #423

The bug was fixed by @Hombre
Builds from dev HEAD are possible again now

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(Cyril LAPORTE) #425

Is that a spam link?
Which version of RawTherapee? Win 64 bits?


Don’t worry. That was spam.