Newbie: how should I approach this colormatching ..?


First of all let me say: the more I get into rawtherapee, the more I love it, it’s a fantastic piece of software!

In the screenshot above you see two versions of the same shot. To the left the ARW (Sony Raw) in RT, to the right is the JPG produced by the camera.

Admittedly, it’s not a great shot and I won’t be using it for anything, but as an exercise, I tried to match the ARW color of the red jacket, to that of the JPG, and I simply don’t know how to even begin doing it. All my attempts with curves and various other color tools has failed dismally.

It seems unlikely that the camera has used a mask to get the jpg-color, so I don’t think that local adjustments are the way to go, but even trying that: I simply can’t match the color, not even close.

How would you approach it?

If anybody would like to give it a shot, here’s the files

I would get the DCPs from Adobe DNG Converter, since by default RT can only use Camera standard for this cam.

This is with Sony ZV-E10 Camera Standard.dcp and Colour Appearance & Lighing activated.



I have the Adobe DNG converter, but being the newbie I am, I don’t understand how I should get the “DCP” from it? I tried the “Extract” button, but it complains that “No embedded originals were extracted” (I did convert the ARW to DNG first)

See here for how to find the DCP files:

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And here’s my result using the same method (without spending a lot of time on getting an exact match) - thanks a lot @apostel338, I learned something valuable here!

I’d still like to know how I should approach it without a profile though, in order to learn about working with colors directly, so if anyone has tips on that, the question is still open!

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You may use Color Toning / Color correction regions method with Hue mask.

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I had a hard time to reproduce that red coat in RawTherapee!

Here’s the one I made yesterday, see the attached pp3 file for details.

Journaliststuderende interviewer Bitten foran Frederiksberg Byret.jpg.out.pp3 (14.2 KB)

Off-topic. This morning I processed your photo in ART, using the Tetrahedral color warping (RGB) ctl script, among others, and to my eyes it’s a little bit closer to the reds of your JPG.

Journaliststuderende interviewer Bitten foran Frederiksberg Byret-1.jpg.out.arp (11.6 KB)

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I wrote some instructions on how to extract .dcp files out of RentWare. These are notes to myself, but you may find them useful.

In general, RentWare works hard to match the various camera manufacturers “looks.” They seem to do a pretty good job.

So when you go into RawTherapee, select the specific “look” (ie: Standard, Vivid, Neutral, etc) for your camera model in the “Color Management” area that you shot the scene with, if that’s the color palette you like. You can easily apply any of the other “looks” during processing as well.

I really enjoy using RawTherapee for it’s flexibility and adherence to industry standards and scientific understandings.

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@yasuo - Thanks, I’ll check out Color Toning / Color correction regions method with Hue mask.


Thanks a lot, I’ve downloaded your pp3 file for further study. Actually I like your first attempt best. To my eyes the second has a yellow tinge, which was one of the problems I battled when I tried. What is ART?


Thanks for your notes. I am on Linux as well, and I got the profiles from the Adobe DNG converter. No need to boot into windows though, WINE did just fine - at least with the converter and on my system :slight_smile: I suppose “RentalWare” is simply shorthand for Adobes products?

Lastly, I ended up using the image anyway, no red coat though :slight_smile:

I’m very happy to hear WINE worked just fine for unpacking the RentWare (yes, I mean Adobe) product. The one I used was their RAW converter. There are a bunch of things in the DNG converter, too, but I’m not sure if they’re the same as what’s in the RAW converter. Perhaps you already know?

I think they are the same piece of software, and therefore also the same profiles?


Ah. I wondered about that and think you’re right. Thank you.

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Another RawTherapee.
See agriggio / ART / wiki / Home — Bitbucket

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Here’s my attempt. This was fun.

Journaliststuderende interviewer Bitten foran Frederiksberg Byret.jpg.out.pp3 (16.3 KB)

After playing around a little, this is what I did:

  • adjusting saturation
  • Using color mixer to get into the ballpark of the tones. Us the hue-saturation vectorscope as a reference. Lower the reds of the green channel and balance it by raising the blues. you can see “rotation” of the colors in the vectorscope, when you toggle the channel mixer on and off.
  • adjusting the a* and b* curve in the Lab* section.

I also feel like there’s a vignette on the jpg so I did that too.

It’s not perfect but maybe it helps. :slight_smile:

(btw: try activating the color apperance module with standard settings. That really makes the colors pop)

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Here’s what I managed. Used essentially the CAL (CAM16) module in RT. How does the output fare?

Journaliststuderende .ARW.pp3 (15.2 KB)

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Ah, no, RAW and the converter are two different applications: Adobe Camera Raw - but since both are Adobe, I’m guessing the profiles are the same

Got it.

I now remember looking at the DNG Converter list of .dcp files and thinking there was a lot missing, compared to what I ended up getting out of the RAW Converter. That’s something for me to go back and confirm.

I was able to confirm that the same Camera Profile directories are in the DNG Converter and RAW Converter. Using Wine I downloaded and installed the DNG Converter and found the Camera Profiles in ~/.wine/drive_c/ProgramData/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles

I see that there are Adobe standard .dcp files in one directory and camera specific directories under “…/Camera”, where Adobe attempts to match the specific “look” of each camera model supported by the RentWare.

Point RawTherapee to these directories (or move them somewhere more convenient) and you’re good to go.

Downloaded your raw and sent it through rawproc, my hack raw processor that lets me specifically control every step in raw conversion. The only way I could get the hue of the camera holder’s jacket was to turn off the color conversion from camera space to display space (I don’t use an intervening working profile). So, methinks RawTherapee isn’t doing any color conversion, working or display, and you’re looking at the unconverted camera data.

I’ll let someone with more RT experience sort that out…

I may have got a better match with darktable

Journaliststuderende .ARW.xmp (11.7 KB)