[Newbie] Need some help putting together a workflow

Hey everyone. I finally took some photos as I am new to photography and editing said photos.

I need some help putting together a workflow sadly because my original workflow I wanted to use is not going to work.

My original intention was to fully switch to Linux and use RPD + Darktable. Using RPD to organize the files on the HDD and then use Darktable’s lightroom to cull and darkroom to edit. Due to various hardware issues Linux is not quite a option. I had the hardline network port die on my PC not the chip but the port itself and I need to now use a usb dongle for wireless internet and it seems the one I bought is not linux supported.

So now I am now on Windows and I still want to use darktable for the above purposes but I can’t seem to figure out a solid way to organize my photos on my HDD because RPD does not work on windows.

Any help/suggestions?

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If Linux was your main OS, don’t give up on it just yet. There should be a way to get that dongle working. If you don’t mind, could you tell us more about it; e.g., its make and product number?

The dongle is a Linksys AC1200 it is rtl8812AU chipset apparently. The kernel can recognize it but there is no driver in the kernel for it. Apparently there is a driver someone made for it however the challenge is getting the driver compiled to the kernel with no network. Also apparently there is issues with the adapter and gnomes network module where it can’t interact with it. I have never had to compile the kernel like this before and that would assume I can find a distro for a linux amateur that has build tools installed by default so I can attempt a kernel build after install.

So far no distro I have tried recognizes the dongle out of the box going to keep trying.

I can’t help you ATM because I don’t have a Linux OS installed. It doesn’t appear to be an insurmountable snag. Both issues should be solvable if you are patient enough and a kind soul has the time to assist you. :wink:

I will keep tinkering around and maybe find a solution but until then I am running windows so I actually have internet :smiley:

My sister’s laptop’s wifi failed and she bought a usb dongle that needed drivers for linux. I found a solution on github to make it work for her. The problem was that every time the kernel would update I would have to reinstall the drivers for her. That said, I found this on github regarding your dongle. Don’t know if this is what you already found or not. Good luck!

I just did a bit of googling on this device, seems even as of last year the mainstream distros still required stupid pet tricks to enable it. Here’s one example: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2394372

Me, I’d be inclined to spend $10US on a different dongle. And, I’ve been compiling linux kernels since 1991 to get drivers working. Some things are just not worth the trouble… :smile:

Yes, YMMV…

If you just want to download to your HD then you can do that in explorer. I don’t know about win10 but in win7:

Plugin your card reader (camera) and find it in explorer
Right click and select open as portable device and a new device will appear under computer.
Right click the new device and select import pictures and videos.
You can set many options in the import dialog.

Yea that is what I was saying the hassle appears insane. It seems all dongles I can buy at a local store fall under this same chipset and issues. I will do some googling and see if I can find dongles that work right out of the box that can keep up with my internet connection.

What a pity that this can still be an issue after almost 2 decades. When builtin WIFI became a thing, mine croaked but the laptop didn’t have a card slot, it was such a pain trying build the right kernel and get the WIFI software working.

It’s probably not as capable as what you have, but you might try one of the little nubbin adapters that they tout compatible with the Raspberry Pi. I don’t know your location, but if you can order from Amazon you can get this one:

I’ve got a couple of those, they just work…

I am actually thinking of getting a Intel PCIE ethernet adapter. Those from what I hear just work as well because Intel contributes the drivers themselves to the kernel.

Edit: Just ordered a PCIE adapter card should be here tomorrow still not sure how amazon can deliver on a sunday but all good :smiley:

Thanks for the help everyone.


I use exiftool to copy images from the camera media to an internal drive. Its available for all platforms. On windows, you can rename the .exe file to be the command you want, so you just drag and drop your files on to the .exe and it does its work.

Not quite as configurable or graphical as RPD, but it works.

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Just adding a comment to say thanks; I did not even know RPD was a thing and man that looks useful for me!

Hope you sort your issue @blj.

edit: guess I should look more closely at https://pixls.us/software/, there’s some great tool there :blush: