next live meeting August 29, 17:00 UTC


I propose August 29, 17:00 UTC as the date/time for the next live meeting.

So far there is no program - please make suggestions for discussions, talks etc. Or it will be just casual, which is ok, too.

I thought there won’t be any desire for this during the summer but… apparently that’s not the case.




For me I believe that would be Sunday August 29 1pm (EDT).

My desire to socialize is always there; hence my request. It is about time anyway. :wink:

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I’ll join too! Hopefully with even less technical issues than last time :smiley:

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@paperdigits can you pin this please?

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I was wondering what had happened to these. I should be there.

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Well, in July there was the dt release party, so I thought that was enough for July. Did we have a meeting in June? I don’t know… I think I wanted to schedule one for mid or end June, but I remembered that the release party was soon after that.

I am unsure if I could get into the call tomorrow (availability). Though could you please share, how joining a live meeting works? Would that be a simple URL to join with a web brower? Or a dedicated app?

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I will post a Jitsi link here a few hourse before the meeting. Jitsi runs in the browser, so it is as simple as that.
When we had the RawTherapee meeting, we also used Zoom. However, I don’t have a Zoom subscription, so I won’t post a Zoom link here. Maybe, if we have technical issues, someone else could share a Zoom link, like last time?

Anyway, I must not forget this.

The Jitsi link was just added (see first post).


Is it now or am I missing something?

I think in 45 minutes?

Yes, the timezone converter didn’t show me DST 🤷

thanks for organizing Anna!

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Thanks for showing up folks. It was a meandering and casual conversation today. @heckflosse (and others) popped in and out without a word; maybe next time. :wink:

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Don’t have microphone or webcam. Will get at least a headset soon…


thanks @everybody for coming! I think it is worth to mention that we had two important developers in this meeting!
edit: almost three!

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You missed my praises. :stuck_out_tongue:

Importance is overrated. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe next time (changed plans today)