next live meeting: March 28, 18:00 UTC


I suggest March 28, 18:00 UTC as the date/time for our next live meeting.

Please suggest topics for discussions/lightning talks/live edits. Or we might just have a “casual” meeting without any “program”, although in the meantime I will try to find one or two speakers. “Surprise speakers” are also welcome.

We will give Jitsi another try, but this time, we will limit the number of participants to 15. First come first served.

As always, the link to the Jitsi room and the live stream will be added here shortly before resp. at the beginning of the meeting.

Please participate!

Looking forward to it



I thought about people’s feedback on the last meeting about being one-sided. Perhaps, sessions would benefit from two people having a dialogue, one being the main speaker and the other asking user submitted questions and keeping the flow. (We could have an interview too. :wink:) I have seen this work quite well in the live meeting and podcast spaces.

Yes. Short is good. In fact, I typically do 5-10 min presentations (including the discussion!).

Perhaps, the presenter only deals with one aspect of the editing, as opposed to beginning to end, if we have a difficult frame.

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I want it to be closer to a real meeting than to a tv show. It depends on who will speak. Some speakers like to talk a lot themselves, others prefer discussions and dialogue. But I don’t mind if someone is watching the chat and picks up feedback from there.

That is what I am saying, although I can see my post being misunderstood. Looking forward to it in whatever form it turns out to be.

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Perhaps, since we have some time, we can solicit some questions that can be answered by those with more knowledge of the subject?

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Do you have any in mind?

I made one topic suggestion. (Threads that I find interesting enough to comment in are also fair game. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Actually I would like to propose three discussion topics:

  1. Social media for photographers - curse or blessing?

  2. Content management systems for web galleries

  3. How can we make open source photography software more popular among (semi-)professional photographers?

I could use some additional darktable information regarding:

  1. Combined drawn and parametric masks
  2. Light table search and collections
  3. darkroom watermark (placement issues) and framing

Good ideas.

@betazoid Yours are broader in scope: each could span multiple sessions.

@Marcsitkin Yours are much more specific. We did dt last time; perhaps we should take a break from it.

My suggestion: doesn’t have to be sharpness in dt but sharpness in general.


How about we have an agenda? Nothing terribly formal but just something like this:

18:00 - 18:05:

  • Short introduction of participants (maybe only of new faces?).

18:05 - 18:35:

  • Presentations and Q and A for the presenters, maybe pick one or two very rather specific topics.
  • Nothing like “this is my RawTherapee workflow from A to Z.” Maybe we could do a separate session for that or a more live stream type thing?

18:35 - 18:50:

  • Topic discussion among the group about one or two of the topics @betazoid suggested since those seem to be more of a “what do you use or what’s your opinion on this thing” type topics. Would be interesting to hear more than one person’s idea on those IMO.

18:50 - 19:00

  • Wrap up, tech support questions from the chat if anyone has something another person can answer, etc.

Just a suggestion and I just made up the times/length for example purposes. I don’t mean to have rigid times either just sort of a skeleton to work around.

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Maybe we could allure @Andy_Astbury1 and/or @michaelezra for this…

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Perhaps some discussion of GIMP? While much has been covered regarding dt, perhaps photographers would find some discussion of GIMP, and how it differs from and compliments dt would be useful.

That’s a good idea. Would you hold a lightning talk about this?

Hi Anna-

I was hoping to be listening to a presentation. I need to learn to use it. Thanks for asking though.

How about lesser known / used apps such as Krita, PhotoFlow, ART and Natron? Would love to have an intro or discussion of them at some point in the future.

Also worth discussing is this, or something related.

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The 28th is fast approaching. What’s the plan? Who should join Jitsi and who should watch the stream?

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There is no plan! The plan is: first come first served.
I was a bit busy during the last weeks, I did not ask anybody to present something. So I’d say it will be a casual meeting. We do have some toppics to discuss, don’t we?
I also want to add the LGM to the list - is it even going to be a legal event?

Well. Maybe one more thing: I’d say @patdavid can join whenever he wants. I will let him in.

Maybe we can “compile” the participants’ list more spontaneosly, e.g. if a VIP wants to join maybe someone else can leave? Anyway I don’t feel like keeping lists and choosing the participants - but maybe you do? Plus, there might be people who sign up and then don’t show up.