Next PhotoPrism update has been tagged and uploaded 🥳

Starting with this release, the regular multi-arch Docker image is 64-bit only. A 32-bit version of our stable release for older devices is offered separately. In the long run, this frees up development resources and saves weeks of build, upload, and test time on our infrastructure.

What’s new?

Enjoy & have a great weekend! :rainbow:


Last time I checked the online demo it had no image rotate, has it now? This is like a elementary take or break function for me.

There’s a GitHub issue you can track / vote for.

Many are waiting for multi user support, so we focus on that at the moment.

Since PhotoPrism works on top of the regular file system, you can use any app / tool to rotate images.

Why do your images have a bad rotation in the first place? Broken sensor? Not an issue at all for our private libraries with 100k+ pictures.

Once your files have been fixed, you shouldn’t need to edit the rotation on a daily basis? :thinking: