Nice little software


to warn you right away: It’s not FLOSS. Buuuut you can use it in Linux and it’s just such a great Software to work on photographic projects. You can make sketches of Books or Websites or arrange your photoseries. It works like a desk where you can move images arround, resize Them,…

So it made thinks a lot easier for me and I thought it’s also nice for you.


UPDATE → There is also a FLOSS alternative. Check it out it has the same benefits for your photography workflow:

And here is a more detailed thread: Libre Arts - Introducing BeeRef


Yes, there is an alternative, BeeRef:


Nice, thank you. :smile:

We try very hard to recommend free and open source software only. Let’s keep it that way.

Sorry, my bad. But otherwise I maybe wouldn’t have found BeeRef. So, it became a FLOSS recommendation :smile:.

Thank you : )

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