Night panoramas on NYC skyline

A month ago, I was in New York City, and I did my best to take some scenic views of the skyline from the Brooklyn shores. Nothing original, but hey… these are MY shots!

The hardware:

  • Fujifilm X-T2 + Samyang 12mm f/2.0
  • A tripod with a cheap “panoramic” head.

The software:

  • RawTherapee
  • Hugin
  • Gimp (just to clone out one person on the first shot)

A 9-horizontal-frame stitch:

A 13-vertical-frame stitch:

A 7-horizontal-frame stitch:

The last one is not a panorama, but the result of stacking 3 frames together in Hugin, and “mean” blending with Image Magick:


Those are some lovely results. Please do share about this panorama head.

Well, it’s a very basic thingy I add on top of my ball head to have it levelled, and keep the panning plane quite horizontal. I bought something like this one from Aliexpress :slight_smile:jpg_640x640

Ah yes, I have several of those but havne’t been able to get my nodal point quite right, so I always have stitching errors.

I have a rail which I can put to center the nodal point, but I can’t use it with my 12mm lense because the rail is too long and extends a good portion into the image. But I didn’t encounter any bad stitching problem. The only stitching difficulties came rather from the lens distortion.