NightlyBuilds - Changes made in latest available download

I often update the builds from @gaaned92, found here. .

Is there a way to see what improvements have been implemented in the latest build?


Does your link show all of the updates made by @gaaned92?

I guess so.
The last one you can see is: Commit d7f9e1f

You might be right though I would like confirmation from @gaaned92 if possible.

You’ll probably just need to read the commit log. The likelihood of someone packaging changes for you to read for a nightly build is low.


If you want to know for sure whats in, compile it yourself. I do this for a very long time now. And, btw, then it is compiled considering your specific hardware (well the CPU).


What I build is just a copy of the RT main repo.

  • The name is constructed with this template
    RawTherapee_<branch>_<version>_W64_<Architecture>_< commit-date>.7z
    where version is something like
    <last-tag><number of commits since last-tag><last-commit-hash>

  • see "Windows RT builds read before"

  • In the name of the zip, you have the hash of the last commit. Refer to Commits · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub to get the list of commits until the commit identified above

  • inside the RT dir you have a changelog-.txt giving you the list of commits. The same as above.

  • Choose <architecture> considering your specific hw

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Great, Thanks!