Nikon D800 - Cannot Tether

Hi All,

I am an iMac user running High Sierra v10.13.6.
I have just downloaded and installed darktable version 3.6.1+6~g4bc866924

I am trying to open a tethering session with a Nikon D800 but I get this message instead : no camera with tethering support available for use. I am using a Tether Tools Tether Pro USB cable to connect the Camera to the Mac.

I have tried to :

  • turn the camera off and on,
  • tested all 4 USB ports available on my iMac
  • checked the camera was recognised by the Mac using the iMac native Photo Import app

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get my camera to work with darktable in tethered mode ?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi, have you checked out the user manual: darktable 3.6 user manual - troubleshooting

I had not.

But the gphoto2 page on which I land on Github is total chinese to me.
I would not know where to start to install gphoto2.

How should I go about it ?

You’d probably need a package manager like homebrew or macports.

Thanks a lot but this is all way too complicated for me to do.
I had read darktable tethering was compatible with Nikon D800s.
I am no techie even though I am a confident Mac user so I would need a far simpler solution to get my camera connected to darktable.

If not I guess I will just drop attempting using darktable altogether then and back to lightroom.

If you don’t even want to try and troubleshoot, then I don’t know how we can help you.

Unmounted the camera?

Moving to GNU/Linux where it is supported. Is that an option ?

On macosx, Darktable tethers Nikon dslr out of the box. You have to configure in the camera ptp/mtp. If it doesn’t work, try this micro-manager + gphoto. Darktable is very good, not to tethered a camera, it is useless, not ergonomic, not reliable… Gphoto is poor updated. I use qdslrdashboard far more stable, ergonomic.

No Pascal, it is not

thanks Dim.
How exactly do you configure the ptp/mtp in the camera ?

You’ll need to consult your camera’s manual to configure the camera.