Nikon D850 raw file

(Mario Bolz) #21

Hello to all
what is the current status
Nikon D850

Greetings Mario

(Roman Lebedev) #22

Status of what?
D850 is fully(*) supported by all current/supported darktable versions, as far i’m concerned.

* The noiseprofile/wb presets aren’t merged as of this moment, but it is an optional thing.

(Morgan Hardwood) #23

@Mario_Bolz the Nikon D850 has excellent support since RT-5.3.

@LebedevRI hi :wink:

(Roman Lebedev) #24

Oh, i forgot in which category that thread was, i’m sorry :slight_smile:

(Mario Bolz) #25

@ Morgan_Hardwood,
yes great
then I can test photos of myself

thanks and greetings mario