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I’m a happy owner of a Nikon D850, I would like to help rawtherapee to support this camera, so I find out this document:

but I’m not sure I fully understand, does “Each photo must be completely overexposed everywhere!” mean I just have to take anything (the sky for example) overexposed ?
So no worry about what I take ? No worry about the lenses, the focus etc. ?

Other questions, do I need to put somewhere those information (ISO, etc.) or “you” can already read those information from the raw file metadata ?


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No worry about the focus. As for lenses, some cameras such as Canon and Nikon scale the white levels depending on the aperture, so if you want to shoot at various apertures then use the lens with the widest aperture so we get full coverage, but if you want to shoot only at one aperture (points 1 and 2 in the guide) then shoot at f/5.6 or f/8.

Your camera covers ISO 64 - 25600 (ISO 64, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800, 25600) so that’s 10 shots with LENR off and another 10 with LENR on. It also has some expanded ISOs (“Hi 2” etc), you can shoot those as well.

We can get this from the metadata, but it’s more work. Please name the files:
"camera make and model - LENRon/off - aperture - ISO.raw"
nikon d850 - LENR-off - f8 - 1600.nef



So I did some pictures in raw file.

Be carefull, because each file is big, and the D850 got lots of ISO, the archive is big (7Go).

You going to find inside the archive 34 x2 files from L10 -> H20 with Noise Reduction On, on without Noise reduction.

You also going to find a folder called CompressOrNotCompress, with picture from L10, L07, L03, 64, 80, 100, 200 with apertura from 1.4 -> 8.0.

If you need more file for the apertura please let me know.

Some picture are take by shooting the screen, so when the apertura go up (7, 8) you going to begin to see something. I hope it’s not a problem


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Thank you for the photos, though I don’t currently have the disk space to download and uncompress 7GB.

Ping @ilias_giarimis

That sounds like it would be a problem.


If you want I can split the archive in two (or more) but well not into 100 pieces :wink:

That sounds like it would be a problem.

It’s only for the part about “scale raw values for larger apertures”, is that going to be a problem ? Well in any case I would wait your request for those pictures, because they are lots of, I got 34 iso and 16 stop (1.4-> 8) that’s mean 544 pictures…So until you tell me it’s needed…and because I’m lazy person…I will wait.


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Many thanks for the samples … downloaded (it was a bit hard … it would be much better i.e around 2.5GB if it was compressed). :slight_smile:

I am sporadically investigating D850 raw properties … I’ll be able to either upload a camconst.json update tomorrow ( or maybe I will also post a request for some more samples).

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@ilias_giarimis I would like to release RawTherapee 5.3 around Wednesday, would a camconst update before then be possible?

(Ilias Giarimis) #8

I bet it will be ready on Monday :slight_smile:

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No problem. If you need anything else about raw file on the D850 feel free to ask me.

I didn’t compress the file because I didn’t know which compress method to use, I mainly working on some “exotic” OS, and I
already encounter some friends who was unable to uncompress something I compress.



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@zorgtool Hi!

It would be really awesome if you could replace the current sample set for that camera on RPU. There are 8 samples total, i think the filenames speak for themselves, but if not, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Why i would like that sample set replaced:

  1. the current samples are not ideal, even though the camera was stable, the scene is unstable, and is lit by unstable candle light.
    Ideally it should be a some static well-lit scene (outdoor landscape?), with camera on tripod, with minimal time between the shots.
  2. i would like to mark those samples as part of RPU masterset, and since the samples are imperfect, they would eventually be replaced, which would be a problem if they are in a masterset…


No problem to help but…

1/ I’ve no idea what’s RPU (I don’t think that’s matter, but maybe if I know…maybe I can more easily understand what you waiting on the picture)

2/ Event the filenames speak for themselves I still have some questions :

a/ Does the lense matter ? Do you have any preference about the lenses (ultra wide, wide, zoom etc…) or I select the most sharpness lenses I have ?

b/ Same question about the apertura.

c/ Same question about the speed.

d/ Same question about the ISO.

e/ Same question about the depth of field.

e/ Is the scene matter ? (like wall of brick, ground with sand, fabric, etc.) or anything are ok.

The D850 can get the mirror up, wait some time, then take the picture (I think you know that), so the vibration came from the mirror does not impact the picture, do you need I activate that ?


(Roman Lebedev) #13

I’d prefer some kind of daylight landscape-ish shot, from tripod, wide-angle (~24mm), f/9f/11, short exposure (1/250 or less?), and low ISO (ISO100ISO400), i.e. normally-exposed image, not too overexposed, not too underexposed, not blurred

The absolute pixel-perfect match won’t really help for these samples. As long as the camera is stable on a stable tripod, and the scene does not change (changes as little as possible), everything will be fine. So up to you.

But then, all this is up to you. The only real requirements are that all 8 samples should be of the exact same scene, framed exactly the same (no camera movement; ideally, no changes in the scene itself), and should be taken sequentially, with minimal time passed in between.


When you say “no changes in the scene itself” do you prefer I shoot a landscape knowing I’m living somewhere with trees, grass etc… and some wind (so they would be changes), or I can shoot
building or other kind of man made.

Anyway I will do that before the end of this week.

(Roman Lebedev) #15

That is fine. By no changes i mean that if the scene would be a street photo, then if the cars are moving, the difference between the shots will be noticeable. With wind - i suspect it would not be too much noticeable, and you wouldn’t be shooting in a hurricane anyway :slight_smile:


Hi @LebedevRi

Sorry for the delay.

Here you can download those files :

hope that’s help


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No problem!

Uhm, could you please upload each (not the whole archive! each separate file) of the raws directly through the upload form on ?
First, those two checkboxes on the upload form, really should be checked by the uploaded/author…
And second, that sharing site is blocked in .ru by the government authorities, and downloading through tor would be rather slow…

Thank you!
I did not look at the raws yet, but i sure hope they are better than the current samples :slight_smile:

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Or, if you don’t have time to re-upload, could you please at least read and answer those two questions from RPU:

  • I declare that I own full rights to this file and I hereby release it under the CC0 licence into the public domain.
  • The file is manually copied from card/camera, without using any software like Nikon Transfer, and hasn’t been modified in any way.

If both are yes, then i could upload myself


Well in fact I event don’t have time to come here…so…

I just upload those file. I hope they are OK.

If they don’t OK just tell me. I can make some reshoot.

I think I little messed up the comment so you can delete them and add what you want.


(Roman Lebedev) #20

They are perfect! Thank you very much!