Nippon Kogaku Japan Nikkor-H Auto 85mm f/1.8 | A Jewel of a Vintage Lens

See what I think of this beautiful piece of photographic history, the Nikkor 1.8/85 and how it behaves on a full-frame mirrorless body, specifically the Sony a7R II.

Also see who is the winner of my Christmas Giveway, the new owner of two soviet m39 vintage lenses.


I’ve owned two slightly different versions of this lens over the years. One was the “H” (like yours) and the other was a “K” (which I used to take this).

In dynamic situations longer focal lengths have been difficult for me to accurately focus (I’m getting old), hence my preference for modern AF in these kinds of subjects. But when things slow down and I can take my time to choose the focus point there’s nothing like an old lens.

My preference is for Nikkors, but there are so many good old lenses. Not that it matters here, but I’ve been working at panobokeh images of classic automobiles and so far I love how an old “K” version 105mm Nikkor-P and c.2004 AiS 135mm f/2.8 render.