Nishika n8000 3D Camera Test

(Pat David) #1

(Warning: animated wiggle gifs ahead!)

I got one of these 3D cameras as a gag gift a couple of years ago.

I put it on a shelf and promptly forgot about it. For some reason the other day I thought it’d be fun to put a roll of film through it, so I did!

Some interesting specs:

Fixed 160 shutter speed.
Three aperture positions: ƒ/8, ƒ/11, ƒ/19 (!).

It shoots four half-frame images that used to be sliced up to make lenticular prints.

It was a bit dark in the house to shoot at f/8 without some extra illumination - so I got some extra illumination!

I grabbed a YN560 I had charged up and threw it on the camera. Of course I was too lazy to go get my digital out so I had to do some quick math in my head for my settings (the guide number of the YN560 is 39m/128ft at 35mm, ISO100).

Using, GN = distance × f-number or, distance = GNf-number

So, 12811 ≅ 11.6 feet to correct exposure.

Or, at ISO200, 16 feet (one full stop difference, or 1288).

Finally, at ~¼ power I get correct exposure at about 8 feet (+/- a bit and a full stop).

I ran a roll of Fuji Superia 200 through it and the minilab operator at my local drug store promptly threw it into a bath of old chemicals. Then didn’t pay attention when cutting the negatives. :angry:

So I only managed to get a couple of shots out of the roll to play with. I did at least get this shot working (they did a piss-poor job printing these as well):

Or if you prefer a cross-eyed stereo view (sit back a foot or two, look at the images, start to cross your eyes until there are three images, the center one is in 3D):

The cross-eyed version is from two lenses that are one frame apart (so frame 1 + 3 for instance). It made the 3D separation a little less extreme and was a little more pleasing visually I think (thanks nomis).

I’m going to run another roll through it and try a different (hopefully better?) local lab for developing (and tell them to not cut the negs.

Here’s a fun aside, the un-cropped version of the print frames:

(Tobias) #2

That looks like a nice toy. :slightly_smiling:
You should try the new deflicker function from darktable to improve the animation.