No colour in my processed files.

I have finally managed to get 0.99.8 up and running on “darks/lights” RAW images and have run the script and created a “” file.
I have opened this file in 0.99.8 and gone through my usual Image Processing but end up with a B&W image, no colour in it at all.
This is one of my 28 original RAW “lights” (converted to ,JPEG so plenty of colour there. Where is Siril losing it?

It would seem the colour is disappearing during the initial processing to create the “” file.

Really would appreciate help as it’s ruining my photography, the only thing keeping an old man sane during lockdown!

I have answered this myself.
Processing is done using either of the RED, GREEN or BLUE. At the end of processing I was exporting the “working” image (RED) not the RGB! (Idiot)!

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