No, not the Sun

So whats really going on here then?

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Looks kind of like a slightly turbulent, highly-magnified point light source (maybe a specular reflection waaay out of focus?). Is that a thin diffraction ring I see around the top? Doesn’t look like a clear Airy disk, but it looks turbulent.

I feel it should be part of an “Are you a robot?” question.

My guess: some kind of cloth over a hole in a wall, with the light source behind the wall.

My intestines after that really hot Thai curry.


TMI! LOL :rofl:

And @lphilpot has it
A distant street light with the lens right up against a rain spattered window
150mm f/4
congratulations, prize is in the post



[ struts about with pumped fist overhead ]

:star_struck: :crazy_face:

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