No one's seen aurora photos in the last 24 hours right?

From northwestern North Carolina last night. Nikon D850 + 14-24mm edited in Darktable, Sigmoid, RGB Color Balance, Tone Equalizer with denoising and Diffuse/Sharpen to add local contrast.


Wow, that is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

I would post something but picture of total overcast aren’t too interesting… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Nice stuff.

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Great use of darktable. Good looking pics and a very cooperative subject.
I’ll be going out for round two of taking photos tonight and I hope to correct all the mistakes I made last night.
I don’t think I’ll tire of seeing the aurora…it’s one of my favorite memories from when I was a kid.
But yes…there has been a LOT of aurora photos in my feeds today.

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Great images, especially from that far south! Thanks!

I’ve seen some impressive shots taken from southern Mississippi, right on the Gulf coast. It must’ve been impressive – but it was overcast / rainy again here last night.

We had clear skies on Friday night, but I wasn’t able to get out. Last night, when I could have, we were socked in. Murphy’s Law.

Great stuff! Amazing images… I missed it all Saturday night and couldn’t see a thing last night except clouds and moon…

I had to drive about 10 miles out to get these, it was socked in with clouds in my backyard down in the river valley. Once you got on the eastern facing ridge lines the clouds were gone. Mountains have lots of teeny tiny micro climates and weather situations.

Example in this shot, completely clear where I was but cloud cover down in the valley (bottom right) with light pollution reflecting off the clouds. I live far outside of town but still down in the valley.

Really wished I would have grabbed the D7500 and 10.5mm fisheye for some time lapse work. Oh well, happy with what I got.


Here’s some aurora photos in Colorado that I took. This is at Jackson Lake State Park, which is a certified DarkSky park. All are developed in Darktable 4.7 dev.

This was also taken with astro-moddified camera. So the reds do pop!

And I created a panorama of the entire lake and aurora. I used PTGui to create a linear tiff then finished in DT.


Didn’t see this thread. Beautiful pictures!
I posted one here from Canada south. I may need to improve my editing skills :slight_smile:

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I haven’t taken the time to edit all of my photos from two nights of shooting, but I’ve got a couple of preliminary ones here…they are both from Lightroom though, as it was my first time shooting anything like this and I needed the noise suppression for a couple of quick edits.
I’ll tackle them more with darktable throughout the week to get them looking more the way I’d like.

(Edit: they are both from DT, as I don’t have a watermark for any of my Adobe projects)