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I have been trying now for 2 days to get raw therapies to work.

I really want to use it as my main image processing tool.

I am facing an issue, clean install, preferences have selected all formats.

No images found in my folder.(my folder has 20images)

They are in ARW format, taken on my Sony a6700.

I would LOVE a helping hand if possible.

ps: I have seen post like this before but they where unsuccessful in finding an answer.

Thank you.

Welcome. :slight_smile:
I’m not very well up on RawTherapee, but some details of your operating system, and maybe hardware, will help the experts work out what’s happening.


Windows 11, LATEST. Razer blade 15 studio editon, early 2020.(all up to date drivers)

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After 2 days, I have found a temp solution for anybody who is in the same position as me:

Raw Therapies does not support your raw file, you need to convert EACH and every image to a DNG before being able to see it in your folder.

I hope it helps.

This seems very long task to add to my workflow, is there a fix or a way to get around this?

Thank you.

In the preferences, there is a list of which file extension to show in the file browser. Ensure .ARW is selected for you.

It is indeed selected, I checked multiple times, this is why I am confused as to why the software is not finding them.

What version of RT are you running?

Hmmm… I can reproduce. I downloaded a raw file from the a6700 and sure enough, RT doesn’t ‘see’ it. Maybe it’s not supported yet? I would still expect to see it in RT’s browser though.

Yes, so here, Win11 Pro 21H2 and RT 5.9, the Sony a6700 files do not appear in the file browser. The .arw files from my (much older) NEX5R work just fine. I don’t know what could cause this, but hopefully someone will know here to look.

The same .arw file I downloaded from the a6700 (from the dpreview gallery) works just fine in darktable, FWIW.

Are the files using the lossless compression?

I don’t actually know how to tell for the file I downloaded.

confirmed here, and yes, seems these files are using compression.

Hoping, to find a “not compressed” one, I downloaded the “largest” sample-raw-file with 40 MB from the (Sony a6700 sample gallery: Digital Photography Review).
Exploring this file by exiftool, it says: Sony Lossless Compressed RAW 2.