no previews upon download using rapid downloader

I’m new to Rapid Downloader and am really impressed. The only problem I’ve had is that when I download to the picture file on my Linux mint, I don’t get any previews. All I get are the little icon, I have a hunch there’s just some little switch in the wrong position or something but, for the life of me I can’t find it. Help!

You’ll need to provide more details… What camera, how did you install RPD, etc?

Also, where exactly (what window in what product) do you see an icon instead of a preview?

And welcome aboard!

Thanks elGordo. It is the pictures file in Linux mint. When I transfer them to Shotwell App they appear with the normal previews. It’s just harder to move them around to work on them from there.

Raw files or JPEGs?


OK, this gets back to one of the questions that @paperdigits asked: what camera? Also, what is the file name extension of the raw files from that camera?

I use two camers: a Nikon D3400 ext. nef and a Lumix fz-80 Ext. rw2.

Those should both be supported just fine. What version of RPD? How did you install it?

It’s been a long time but I’m pretty I downloaded it from their home page. I don’t think I used the Mint repository. It’s distro 0.9.9. Yes, they’re supported just fine. It’s just this one little quirk which makes it a little difficult.

Maybe I’m using the wrong terminology here. I should be using “thumbnails” instead of “previews”.